Brand New Ignition Distributor

Built according to the highest standards of quality and precise specifications, this High Quality Ignition Distributor is a Direct Replacement Part. It comes complete and ready to install with all brand new parts including the cap, rotor, ignition module coil, and all necessary sensors


Product Feature:

    Heavy duty construction, high grade hardened steel gears. OE+ durability.

    Made by TS16949 certified OE distributor manufacturer.

    High energy coil, Provides consistent ignition over 8000 RPM.

    Japanese imported bearing. Ultra-high durability


Compatible with OEM:

22100-1W601, 22100-1W600, 22100-0W000, 23100-0W001, 22100-7B600, 22100-7B601, 22100-0W601, 22100-0W602, 22100-7B001, 22100-7B000,  221001W601, 221001W600, 221000W000, 231000W001, 221007B600, 221007B601, 221000W601, 221000W602, 221007B001, 221007B000         



For Nissan Pathfinder 1996 - 2000 3.3L V6 models only

For Nissan Frontier 1999 - 2004 3.3L V6 models only

For Nissan Quest 1999 - 2002 3.3L V6 models only

For Nissan Xterra 2000 - 2004 3.3L V6 models only

Infiniti QX4 1997 - 2000 3.3L V6 models only

Mercury Villager 1999 - 2002 3.3L V6 models only


Package Includes:

1 x Distributor




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