High Quality forged billet aluminum carrier body for great strength.

Double-width bearings give more axle contact area.

Heavy duty lipped grease seals for better lubrication.

Easy adjuster grip points.

Easy to install, and works with all factory and most aftermarket parts.

Comes with a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty



Brand New 100%

High quality and very durable

Good Working Condition and Easy to Install

Placement on Vehicle Rear



This rear axle bearing carrier is an aftermarket replacement built to the specs of the OEM bearing carrier.

This bearing carrier comes with the new bearings, seals, spacers and O'rings where necessary.

This rear axle bearing carrier works on the following models:

For 2004 Honda TRX450R

For 2005 Honda TRX450R

For 2006 Honda TRX450R

For 2007 Honda TRX450R

For 2008 Honda TRX450R

For 2009 Honda TRX450R


For 2006 Honda TRX450ER

For 2007 Honda TRX450ER

For 2008 Honda TRX450ER

For 2009 Honda TRX450ER

For 2010 Honda TRX450ER

For 2011 Honda TRX450ER

For 2012 Honda TRX450ER

For 2013 Honda TRX450ER

For 2014 Honda TRX450ER


Package Includes:

1x Rear Axle



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